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Does microneedling at home work?

Posted by Will Richardson on
Does microneedling at home work?

At home microneedling has become all the rage and was recently written about in Allure Magazine where the overall review seemed a bit discouraging.  Well I have great news for you.   After researching the scientific literature there is sufficient data to support that you can have collagen rejuvenation, hair regrowth, reduction of pigmentation resulting in skin lightening, improvement in tissue laxity, stretch mark reduction, wrinkle reduction and a healthier glow overall.   The issue is that the FDA currently has a publication that restricts a products ability to state these claims even though the science is there.


The key things to consider when using an at-home dermal roller is the risk of infection, reactivation of cold sores, minor bleeding if they are pressed too firmly into the skin and injury to the eye if used to closely along the eyelid margin.  

Interestingly enough there is minimal pain associated with these products due to the small diameter of the microneedles although use with a topical numbing agent has been published in the medical literature. 


Overall I give the products a go from my professional opinion and have one available in my online store at



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